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Maharashtra State Enterprises-Cluster Development Programme

Govt. of India has announced schemes for upgradation of potential industrial clusters. Maharashtra has a rich inherent potential for cluster of traditional as well as advanced enterprises. Directorate of Industries has taken elaborate steps to explore these clusters by effectively implementing the cluster schemes.

Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Ministry (MSME), Government of India has modified MSE-CDP scheme for micro & small enterprises on 10th February 2010. Under the said scheme, Govt. of India gives financial support by grant-in-aid to establish Common Facilities Centre (CFC) & infrastructure development to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the clusters. CFC includes R & D facilities, Packaging Centre, Testing Centre, Training Centre, CETP, Common Processing Centre etc. The scheme is implemented by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) under PPP mode.

Broad features of modifications are as below:

  • Maximum project cost for Common Facility Centre (CFC) from ₹ 10 Crore to ₹ 15 Crore, with Government of India contribution of 70%
  • Maximum project cost for Infrastructure Development to ₹ 10 Crore, with Government of India contribution of 60%
  • For Soft interventions maximum limit of project cost Rs.10.00 lakh. As per the modifications in the guidelines on 27th July, 2016 the Govt. of India will not give any grant for diagnostic study report (DSR) and Soft Interventions. However, if detailed project report is finally approved, sum of Rs.10.00 lakh will be consider as a contribution by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) towards the project
  • Enhancement of the cost ceiling for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for CFC and/or Infrastructure Development to ₹ 5 Lakhs
Approved Projects under MSE-CDP

GoI has granted DSR approval to 42 cluster proposals out of which 16 cluster proposals have been finally approved & 5 Cluster proposals have been in-principally approved by GoI.

List of 21 finally / In-Principle approved Clusters (CFC) under MSE-CDP

SN Name of Cluster Location
1. Garment Cluster Vita, Sangli
2. Raisin Making Cluster Sangli
3. Fly Ash Cluster Chandrapur
4. Textile Cluster Shirpur, Dhule
5. Garment Cluster Nagpur
6. Ichalkaranji Textile Cluster Kolhapur
7. Textile Cluster Malegaon, Nashik
8. Dal Mill Cluster Nagpur
9. Auto & Engineering Cluster Ahmednagar
10. General Engineering & Allide Cluster Bhosari, Pune
11. Mango Processing Cluster Ratnagiri
12. Turmeric Cluster Sangli
13. Mahasainik Industrial Estate Cluster Pune
14. Cotton Fabric Cluster Hatkangale, Kolhapur
15. Terry Towel Cluster Solapur
16. Textile Cluster Navapur, Nandurbar
17. Textile Cluster, West Vidarbha Nagpur (In-Principle Approval)
18. Rice Mill Cluster, Ramtek Nagpur (In-Principle Approval)
19. Engineering Cluster Yadrav, Kolhapur (In-Principle Approval)
20. Printing Cluster Aurangabad (In-Principle Approval)
21. Paithani Saree Cluster Yeola, Nashik (In-Principle Approval)

List of 42 Clusters (DSR) approved under MSE-CDP

SN Name of Cluster Location
1. Paint, Enamel & Varnish Cluster Thane
2. Herbal, Ayurvedic and Cosmetic Cluster Palghar, Thane
3. Ganesh Idols Cluster Pen, Raigad
4. Mango Processing Cluster Ratnagiri
5. Cashew Processing Cluster Sindhudurg
6. Raisin Making Cluster Sangli
7. Textile (Readymade Garments) Cluster Vita, Sangli
8. Kolhapuri Chappal Cluster Kolhapur
9. Silver Ornament Cluster Vita, Sangli
10. Textile Cluster Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur
11. Jaggery Cluster Kolhapur
12. Printing Cluster, Udgir Latur
13. Raisin Making Cluster Nashik
14. Paithani Saree Cluster Yeola, Nashik
15. Auto & Engineering Cluster Ahmednagar
16. Toy Cluster Mumbai
17. Leather Goods and Allied Products Cluster Mumbai
18. Automobile Cluster Aurangabad
19. Printing Cluster Aurangabad
20. Readymade Garments Cluster Nagpur
21. Fly Ash based Cluster Chandrapur
22. Bamboo Mats and Articles Cluster Chandrapur
23. Printing Cluster, Hadpsar Pune
24. Rice Mill Cluster, Armori Gadchiroli
25. Textile Cluster Shirpur, Dhule
26. Rice Mill Cluster Chandrapur
27. Bamboo Articles Cluster Gadchiroli
28. Textile Cluster Malegaon, Dist. Nashik
29. Dal Mil Cluster Nagpur
30. General Engg. & Allied Cluster Bhosari, Pune
31. Terry Towel Cluster Solapur
32. Turmeric Cluster Sangli
33. Kokum Processing Cluster Kudal, Dist. Sindhudurga
34. Gold Ornament Cluster Jalgaon
35. Engineering Cluster Jalgaon
36. Tiny General Engineering & Allied Industries Cluster Aurangabad
37. Textile Cluster Navapur, Dist. Nandurbar
38. Cotton Fabric Cluster Hatkanagle, Dist. Kolhapur
39. Engineering Cluster Yadrav, Kolhapur
40. Rice Mill Cluster, Ramtek Nagpur
41. Auto & Engineering Cluster Nagpur
42. Textile Cluster, West Vidarbha Nagpur

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