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Professional Tax

The set of professional tax slabs in India are different for all the 28 states in India and some of the states have formulated different professional tax slabs for men, women, and the senior citizens of the respective states. The professional tax slabs in India are applicable to those citizens of India who are either involved in any profession or trade. The state government of each state is empowered with the responsibility of structuring as well as formulating the respective professional tax criteria and they are also required to collect funds through professional tax. The professional taxes are charged on the incomes of individuals, profits of business or gains in vocations. The professional tax is charged as per the List II of the Indian Constitution. The professional taxes are classified under various tax slabs in India.

Maharashtra, the commercial capital of India follows the following professional tax slab:
Monthly Professional Tax
Less than Rs. 2500 Nil
Between Rs. 2500-3500 Rs.60
Between Rs. 3500-5000 Rs.120
Between Rs. 5000-10000 Rs.175
Beyond Rs.10000 Rs.200